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Welcome to the website for "The Les Misérables Reading Companion," where you'll find all the episodes of this podcast about Victor Hugo's Les Misérables, plus extras relating to what I've discussed there. 

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Episode 02 extras

Jan 3, 2018

Here are links to some things I mention in Episode 02:

Historical currency converter

The Preface to Hugo's 1827 play Cromwell, which is also considered the manifesto of his brand of Romanticism, its principles, and what he sees as its place in cultural history: in English or in French.

The novella Claude Gueux (1834)....

Jan 2, 2018

We start our reading of the novel by thinking about the Bishop of Digne, and why Hugo spends so much time on him to start the novel.

Jan 2, 2018

An introductory episode, where I tell you a bit about my plans for this podcast, and then we turn to Hugo's brief preface to his long novel.