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Welcome to the website for "The Les Misérables Reading Companion," where you'll find all the episodes of this podcast about Victor Hugo's Les Misérables, plus extras relating to what I've discussed there. 

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May 28, 2019

Javert joins the last group in the world that he wanted to join.

Episode 53 extras

May 28, 2019

I've added the location of Javert's reflection and his final moments to our Google map, in the Part V layer. 

For those who are interested, the reference to Racine I mentioned is in Act II scene 2 of Phèdre, here in French, and in English.

And here's a period lithograph about the Fampoux train derailment in 1846:

Les Misérables on PBS, episode 6, and comments on the series overall

May 26, 2019

As you may have noticed, it’s taken me a minute to get my final thoughts on this miniseries adaptation of Les Misérables in order--there were a few reasons for that, some more related to general professoring than to podcasting. But I also wanted to take my time and think through what I have to say, both about episode...

May 21, 2019

In which we get some surprising déjà vu....

Episode 52 extras

May 20, 2019

No particular extras today... but my final thoughts on Les Misérables on PBS will be along soon....