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Special Episode 01 extras

Jun 1, 2018

Here is a video of Colm Wilkinson (whom we just saw as the Bishop), performing Jean Valjean's soliloquy "Bring Him Home" from later in the show.

As for the video of Anne Hathaway, of course, since Matt Lauer was exposed and fired from the "Today" show, the Internet has come to see the moment I was thinking with new eyes. Many of the readily available versions of it have edited it to make it about him and put it in the larger context of his patterns of behavior, etc. This one was published in 2012 and, while it includes some commentary about him, it allows us to see her full answer and showcases her impressive clarity about the connections between Fantine's story and our culture today. (Skip to about 1:08 if you don't want to listen to Sam Seder's intro.)