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Episode 15 extras

Apr 3, 2018

Congratulations! It looks as though Part II book 1 was not your "Waterloo!" (Sorry, I had to.)

Here again is the map, to which I've added the location of Waterloo. While I was there, I also added the location of Hauteville-House, Hugo's home on Guernsey, the other main place where he worked on the final version of Les Misérables. The marker for the House on the map includes a link to more information about it.


The Lion's MoundThe Lion's Mound is a major tourist destination today for those interested in the history of the battle.


In Chapter 16 here, Hugo suggests that Napoleon was, in his early days, a genius of war in the Romantic sense of "genius"--drawing on inspiration the way artists did, with the result being energy, creativity, vitality. Jacques-Louis David's famous painting of Napoleon, here in the original version painted in 1799 (there were several versions), reflects a similar image of the young Emperor.